Pencils are not just used for writing they are used for making sense for the world around us. We use pencil in the classroom for writing, drawing, thinking, vocabulary, grammar, in short for developing our-selves. Knowledge without pencil is incompleteAlmost from the beginning of civilization, we have been using different equipments for writing, in order to leave our mark for the generations to come. Through modernization, today we have the pencil in our hand.

A pencil describes a life, a common life.... The first lesson a pencil teaches us is "WHAT IS TRULY IM-PORTANT ACTUALLY LIES WITHIN IT". The pencil has two aspects. First the outside which is beau-tiful wooden case and inside lead which has much purpose.

The name 'PENCIL' has been aptly chosen by us for our organization. The purpose is to meet the custom-ized demands in the world of creativity. We are dedicated towards quality and customer satisfaction. We promise to bring out the artist within you, and give it a fine touch through our creativity. Innovation and imagination will be our strength.

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